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Queenstown Skydiving with NZONE

While visiting the South Island why not take the plunge and enjoy some of the best New Zealand skydiving. New Zealand's first tandem skydiving company ‘NZONE Skydive’ offers a range of exciting  options for new-comers, and some exciting jumping prospects for those who have already been bitten by the bug. Combined with the area’s world renowned scenery, skydiving is definitely one of the most memorable things to do in Queenstown.

keys on Omega keytag smlKeytag Bonus:  Receive a $25 gift from NZONE Skydive Queenstown  on completion of your Skydive and presentation of your Omega keytag. Direct bookings only. 

While skydiving may not appeal to everyone, if you have ever had the inkling to try it, now is the time, because Queenstown offers some of the best skydiving in New Zealand. Over twenty-five years of skydiving experience, and over 300,000 tandem jumps has earned NZONE Skydive the Supreme Tourism award and their experienced Jumpmasters make the experience safe and unbelievably thrilling. 

Queenstown skydive

View Queenstown’s world renowned scenery from 15,000-feet (Photo credit NZONE Skydiving)

The 15-minute flight in one of the two nine-seater Cessna Grand Caravan turbine aircraft provides the opportunity to see some spectacular scenery before reaching the jump altitude. Skydiving in Queenstown is especially appealing because of the impressive landscape and it’s not called ‘The Adventure Capital of the World’ for nothing.

With NZONE Skydive you can choose from three jumpaltitudes, 15,000-feet will let you experience 60-seconds of exhilarating free fall at a maximum speed of over 120-MPH. From 12,000-feet, you get 45-seconds of freefall and from 9,000-feet it is 25 seconds. Go for the highest altitude your budget will allow because even though before you jump you will almost certainly be nervous, once you experience that totally magical feeling of freefalling, which is actually more like flying than falling, you will want it to last forever! 

NZ One skydive Queenstown

Experience the best in Queenstown skydiving with the team from NZONE Skydive (Photo credit NZONE Skydiving)

With no age restrictions and a maximum weight of 100kgs/220-lbs, this is one of the Queenstown activities and attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Trips run every half-hour all year round, but try to be flexible in your booking in case of bad weather that may meanthe time or day needs to be changed. Remember to wear various layers especially during the winter and closed shoes which will not fall off. Goggles are provided and these will fit over spectacles so you won't miss anything.

For safety reasons personal cameras cannot be taken along but there are multiple options to choose from to make sure that this once in a lifetime experience is recorded to be relived and enjoyed again and again.

If you already hold NZPIA B licence you can jump alone and if after your tandem jump you wish to learn how to skydive there are various courses available.

Take the plunge and enjoy skydiving in the world’s most spectacular location with the tandem skydiving experts at NZONE Skydive. If you’re a visitor to Queenstown looking to get around and experience all the area’s stunning scenery, hire your Queenstown rental car from one of Omega Rental Cars’ two local depots, and enjoy the freedom of exploring at your own pace.  

keys on Omega keytag smlKeytag Bonus:  Receive a $25 gift from NZONE Skydive Queenstown  on completion of your Skydive and presentation of your Omega keytag. Direct bookings only.