Quad Biking Queenstown

The Cardrona offers incredible, first-class off-road adventures, including quad biking and guided horse tours in the majestic Cardrona Valley. The Cardrona Valley sits between Wanaka and Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand. The Valley is steeped in fascinating history and breathtaking natural beauty, making it one of the country’s must-see destinations. Horse riding or off-road quad biking near Queenstown are learning experiences and thrilling, must-do off-road adventures for the whole family.

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Quad Biking in Cardrona

Get off the beaten track with Queenstown quad biking. This fantastic opportunity allows you to experience the heavenly high country and reach impressive alpine vantage points. With a variety of trails, a Cardrona off-road quad bike tour can be tailored to suit all levels of experience, whether you’ve never ridden a quad bike before or are looking for a real challenge. With exclusive terrain, full automatic gearing and 4WD capability quad bikes, all riders are sure to have safe, fun-filled off-road adventures. Full training on the quad bike ensures that all levels are catered for.

Queenstown off-road adventures get muddy, depending on the weather conditions. So, wear long socks, long trousers and a warm top. You will be provided with all the protective clothing and safety gear needed.

The Mountain Experience is without question a fantastic guided off-road quad biking experience. This 2.5-hour quad biking journey takes you up rugged and steep terrain to the top of the mountain, where you’ll be treated to spectacular scenery and panoramic views over Queenstown. Due to the challenging, varied terrain, this tour is restricted to riders with a minimum age of 16 years.

 Six smiling people exploring a sunny Cardrona trail on quad bikes.

Six smiling people exploring a sunny Cardrona trail on quad bikes  – Image Credit: The Cardrona Facebook Page

For a unique quad bike tour that’s perfect for families, the River Run tour has a variety of off-road bikes available for anyone over six years old. This scenic river quad biking adventure can be tailored to suit your family’s abilities and comfort level and includes plenty of exciting dips, hollows, rises, creek crossings and ridges!


Horse Riding in Cardrona

The Cardrona offers an excellent variety of horse riding tours, from beginner level to advanced technical riding. The trained horses can even take riders as young as five years old. Before hitting the trails, riders are given a one-on-one lesson by an instructor. All horses have been handpicked for their calm, gentle temperament, with their own unique personalities that you will get to know along the scenic guided tour. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing you’re in the safe hands of an experienced instructor and a well-behaved horse. All you need to bring on your trip is weatherproof/waterproof clothing and a camera!

The Gold Discovery Trail is one of the most popular Cardrona trails in the Queenstown area. This tour takes you across the Cardrona River and up to the mountains of the working sheep and cattle. There, you’ll learn all about the history of the Cardrona gold rush of the 1860s. This journey is usually about 2 hours long and is suitable for all levels of experience. Children are encouraged to ride independently, and detailed instructions and care are provided throughout the ride.

If you’re craving even longer tours, the High Country Pub trail offers the unique chance for a 3.5-hour horse trekking adventure. You’ll follow trails up to the mountains of Cardrona Valley, where you’ll take in the stunning views of the surrounding Pisa and Crowne Range and the Cardrona ski area. No experience is necessary for this tour, but you’ll have plenty of chances for trotting and cantering if you want to cut loose. The stopover at the historic Cardrona Hotel is one of the journey’s highlights, where you’ll get the chance to dismount your horse, stretch your legs and enjoy a well-deserved drink at the hotel.

 Three horse riders at speed with an epic mountain backdrop.

Three riders at speed with an epic mountain backdrop – Image Credit: The Cardrona Facebook Page

The Cardrona also offers exclusive horse riding tours for the most experienced riders. As New Zealand’s highest horse trek, the “Top Beat” ride is truly an unforgettable Queenstown adventure. This all-new ride offers plenty of chances for cantering and a stopover for stunning photo opportunities high up in the mountain.

If you have children under 6, they don’t have to miss out on the thrill of Queenstown off-road adventures! Take them along as passengers in a 4×4 drive buggy tour, which can go everywhere the off-road quad bikes and horses go. Then, the whole family can enjoy an adventurous, fun-filled day with an entertaining guide behind the wheel.

You can find fantastic Queenstown off-road quad biking and guided horse tours at The Cardrona to suit any level. You can book a vehicle from Omega Rental Cars and reach The Cardrona in just under an hour from central Queenstown, New Zealand. Our friendly team are always on hand to provide advice or suggestions to make the most of your trip to Queenstown.

keys on Omega keytag smlKeytag Bonus: 10% discount off direct email or phone bookings (not online bookings). Please mention the Omega Keytag when booking and show it on arrival!