A review of the Queenstown Luge & Skyline Gondola

It was another stunning hot day in Queenstown; the weather was really turning it on for us Aucklander’s. Our accommodation was ten minutes’ walk from the Skyline, just on the outskirts of Queenstown’s CBD.  We all agreed to have a lazy morning; I got up early and went for a run around the lake and then read until early afternoon.   We had a late lunch then wandered across the park toward the Gondola.  Once we got there we queued for five minutes, bought a family of four pass on the gondola plus 3 turns on the luge each – as it turned out, three goes wasn’t enough! 

     Queenstown Skyline Gondola

Pictures of the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown.

After another five minute wait, we were jumping into a moving four person cabin and screaming up the steep mountain face.   Queenstown started to sink beneath us as the houses got smaller and smaller.  The cabin shuddered unexpectedly as we ran over the support pillars. Within a few minutes we were at the top preparing ourselves to leap out and run on the command of the attendant.  The view from above was breath-taking. Queenstown is amazing but the view from up there is something special!

 View of Queenstown from Gondola

Looking down over Queenstown from The Skyline gondola.

There is everything you need including a jellybean shop, bar, souvenir shop and buffet restaurant.  We had already eaten so bypassed the restaurant – A dinner at dusk with a view like this would be one of the best dining experiences in the South Island I reckon.

 Buffet restaurant Queenstown Gondola

The buffet restaurant overlooking Queenstown and the Remarkables.

After exiting the gondola, we powerwalked around looking for directions to the luge – we had to go down a flight of steps below the restaurant.   We grabbed a hairnet and slapped on a helmet before joining the queue to board another chairlift.  After another short peaceful ride, we were at the top where the luge started.

 View of Queenstown from Gondola

The final chairlift up to the luge.

 View of Luge Track Queenstown

View looking back over the Queenstown luge track.


Over luge course to Queenstown

Looking over the luge course toward Queenstown.


Lake Wakatipu from Skyline Luge

Looking up Lake Wakatipu from the top of the Skyline Luge.

There are two tracks, a slow one and a fast one.  Everyone has to take the slow tack to begin with, safety rules – that didn’t stop us racing though!  The track is smooth with lots of curves, jumps and fast straights. There’s more than enough space to pass Sunday drivers but it gets narrower toward the end of the track so overtake early!  Plenty of dads safely drove down with kids between their legs so it’s great fun for young families.

 Finish Line Luge Queenstown

The finish line.

We had so much fun we ended up buying another two rides each – five in total.  After the victors had finished their gloating we made our way back to the outdoor viewing deck next to the restaurant – there was a ten minute delay as the girls got side-tracked by the souvenir shop!   The vista was amazing. 180 degree views on a clear blue sky.

 Panoramic views Queenstown 

View QueenstownPanoramic photos of Queenstown from the Skyline viewing deck.

After spending fifteen minutes taking photos in every position imaginable, we stopped by the Jelly Bean shop, purchased a packet of exotic flavoured Jelly Beans and waited in line to go back down.  For those scared of heights, the ride down is worse than the ride up in my opinion. Here’s a view looking down. The Queenstown Luge and Gondola experience was great and another must visit attraction when you’re in Queenstown. 7/10.

Steep gondola ride Queenstown

The steep gondola ride back down the mountain.