Stunning Mt Cook - a customer's experience

My husband and I are from Canada living in Christchurch for the next few years and enjoy going on new adventures almost every weekend to explore New Zealand. We have used Omega any time we have a vehicle situation.

Our most recent trip was to Mt.Cook. We did the Hooker Valley track and our plans were to do the Ball Pass Crossing as the weather was perfect. Unfortunately the icy conditions on the track were not suitable. We slept out by the lake for the night and the views were just incredible.

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 Waking up in the middle of the mountain range was absolutely stunning.

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We are looking forward to hiking some more this winter and summer. It’s nice to be able to rent a car so easily and drive with no worries so we can wander around New Zealand. Our experience with Omega has always been pleasant and the customer service is superb. Please enjoy these photos of our trip to Mt. Cook. 

omega car rental mount cook

We even took a pic of our little car we rented.

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Thanks Jake and Jo-Ann for sharing your great travel story and pictures with us!

If you'd like to get out and explore more of New Zealand, rent a car from your closest Omega Rental Cars location and head out on the trail!