A perfect lazy Sunday in Oamaru

We came for the penguins and enjoyed so much more.  It was a spectacularly gorgeous Sunday when we arrived in Oamaru on our road trip from Christchurch to Dunedin. 

I love fossicking in Farmer's markets and so I was delighted that the Oamaru stall holders hadn't packed up and gone home by the time we arrived. Oamaru's historic Victorian precinct didn't disappoint either and I ended up having to be dragged out of The Crucible Gallery.  I'd been tipped off that it was worth a visit by friends of artist Philina Den Dulk who runs the Gallery alongside sculptor Donald Paterson.  So many beautiful things - sculpture, art and jewellery - I had to leave with something but couldn't choose! 

With a yummy bakery and The Birdlands Wine Co. right on hand we really did everything covered and found ourselves, as you often do when you're on holiday, imagining what it would be like to live here in Oamaru.  We decided perhaps we'd end up a little too laid back and rather too well fed for our own good, but it's not an idea easily dismissed.

Delightful restaurants, wonderfully aromatic coffee shops and stunning architecture, not to mention a fantastic harbourside perfect for strolling.  We ended up staying the night so we could see the penguins waddling up the beach at sunset!  A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.

The Crucible Gallery is open Tue-Fri and Sun 10am-2pm at 16 Tyne St, Oamaru.

Crucible Gallery2