Amazing Day Trips with Hassle-Free Tours NZ

Hassle-free Tours NZ truly lives up to its namesake, offering unique tours canvassing the best of Christchurch and Canterbury’s tourist attractions. You’ll enjoy a reasonably-priced (and, yes, hassle-free!) tour provider for your New Zealand adventure. 

Want to immerse yourself in the breathtaking Canterbury High Country and Southern Alps of New Zealand? Take a thrilling jet boat ride through the Waimak Gorge? Or join a Lord of the Rings tour? You can do it all with Hassle-Free Tours! They have an exciting range of well-run day tours in this spectacular region to suit everyone. Plus, Hassle-Free Tours is Gold Qualmark-accredited, so you can rest assured that you’ll come away from your experience in the heart of Aotearoa smiling.


Hassle Free Tours double decker bus


Excited visitors enjoy the views from their sunny seats atop a Hassle-Free Soaring Kiwi Tours double-decker bus.  Image Source: Hassle-Free Tours


Enjoy memorable experiences on these informative tours

The Canterbury region on the South Island of New Zealand is renowned for its scenic beauty and adventure-rich lifestyle, which is why Hassle-Free Tours founders Mark and Nikki Gilbert set up shop in this part of the South Island. They’ve since been operating fun-filled tours in this spectacular region, welcoming all ages and group sizes.

On the city tour, you can enjoy a memorable tour experience discovering Christchurch from the top deck of a 1960s restored double-decker bus. You’ll witness more than just spectacular scenery. You’ll also hear about the city’s fascinating history as the friendly local guides provide informative, entertaining commentary throughout your journey. In addition, you’ll learn about the local fauna, flora and wildlife

Have you always wanted to visit the majestic village of Kaikoura, nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean? On the Kaikoura tour, you’ll see one of the local fur seal colonies, and then in the afternoon, you will jump aboard a catamaran for an up-close encounter with the Giant Sperm Whale.

Whale Watch Hassle Free Tours

A group of passengers out on a Hassle-free Kaikoura Whale Watch Tour observe a whale.  
Image Source: Hassle-Free Tours


Spectacular scenery for Lord of the Rings fans

For all the Tolkien enthusiasts out there, Hassle-Free’s unique Lord of the Rings Edoras tour promises you the awe-inspiring magic of the movies in a breathtaking, real-life scenic experience. In this special cinematic-inspired tour, you’ll travel from Christchurch to the Lord Of The Rings filming location at Mount Potts High Country Station.

This fantastic tour also ventures onto Mt Sunday (a few minutes drive from Mt Potts), the LOTR filming location. Mt Sunday is the home of Edoras, the capital city of the Rohan people in the LOTR movies.

This epic journey to the real Middle Earth includes a guided walk, behind-the-scenes photos, and a delicious picnic lunch, where you’ll be surrounded by the best scenery. We recommend any LOTR fan add this tour to their must-do list for their next trip.

Hassle Free LOT Rings Tour

A couple savours pristine alpine mountain views from the shore of a lake on the Hassle-Free Lord of the Rings Tour.  Image Source: Hassle-Free Tours

 Lord of the Rings Christchurch

A happy Hassle-Free tour group poses with replica LOTRS weapons at “Edoras,” the capital city of the Rohan people.  Image Source: Hassle-Free Tours


Hassle-Free Tours has whipped out the big guns with its Alpine Safari day tour experiences. Packing a trio of exciting adventures into one unforgettable day, the Alpine tour is not for the faint of heart. With a four-wheel-drive adventure, a jet boat ride, and a round-trip on the Tranz-Alpine train all on the day’s menu, you’ll feel as if you’ve lived nine lives in a day!

 Hassle Free Alpine Safari Tour

Vast mountain ranges and beautiful high country await visitors on the Hassle-Free Alpine Safari Tour.  Image Source: Hassle-Free Tours


Take a day tour from Christchurch

Flying across the plains on a six-wheeler land cruiser, you’ll travel to your destination in style. But Hassle-Free Tours doesn’t prioritise style over sustainability: it was the first tour company in New Zealand to convert its entire fleet to biodiesel. Guests are encouraged to respect the scenic and often sacred places they visit, making that visitor experience in the Canterbury region genuinely memorable.

Book your Christchurch, New Zealand adventure with Hassle-Free Tours, and enjoy more than just the scenery. The thoughtful, friendly and knowledgeable team aim to deliver exceptional service and give guests memorable experiences that will last a lifetime! If you’re picking up your car hire from Omega Christchurch Airport, you won't have far to go to connect with Hassle-Free Tours in Christchurch, New Zealand!