Endangered animal encounters at the Orana Wildlife Park

The Orana Wildlife Park sits on 80 hectares of green grass, meandering streams and lush native trees. The park, New Zealand’s only open range zoo; is home to Kiwis, Lions, Tigers, Giraffes as well as many other endangered animals. The Orana Wildlife Park is the only open range zoo in New Zealand, meaning that you can get up close and personal with the animals who call the park home. This is a great thing to do in Christchurch for people of all ages; and is entertaining for adults and kids alike.

A day at the Orana Wildlife Park can include any of the following activities, which are scheduled at various times each day.

Hand Feed A Giraffe

An encounter with the Rothschild’s Giraffe’s of the Orana Wildlife park is a must do. Feeding time for these guys is at 12pm and 3pm each day, when you can hand feed them leaves and branches from platforms that get you right at eye level with these beautiful creatures.

rothschild giraffe

Hand feeding the Rothschild Giraffe


Lion Encounter

If you’re after a rush of adrenaline then the Lion Encounter will be right up your alley, but be sure to book as there is a limit on the number of tickets available per day (note: there is an additional cost on top of park admission). The park has a specially designed caged vehicle to keep you safe and get you eye-to-eye with the Lions. These big cats love to play and get up close to the vehicle!

lions of orana
Say hi to the Lions of Orana!

Kiwi Feeding

New Zealand’s icon, the Kiwi, is a nocturnal animal so is most active at night time. The Orana Wildlife Park houses their Kiwi in a Nocturnal house which allows visitors to see the Kiwi’s up and awake. The daily feed presentation is at 1.30pm each day, but you can see them from 11am. The parks’ Wildlife guides also provide a great opportunity to learn and share their knowledge and insight about this endangered species.

Meet A Rhino

Meet one of the largest land mammals on Earth? Ok!

There are 5 White Rhino who call the Orana Wildlife Park home and despite their size can move quite quickly, so meeting these guys is from a few feet away behind a contact barrier to ensure safety.

Feed A Tiger

Tigers are my favourite animal; so this particular activity is an absolute highlight. As with the Lion Encounter, tickets are limited so be sure to book your Tiger Feeding Encounter in advance to avoid not getting to feed the Sumatran Tigers of Orana Wildlife Park (note: there is an additional cost on top of park admission). As with all the park’s activities, safety comes first so feeding the Tigers is done with a pair of tongs from behind a safety wall; keeping you safe and Tiger happy!

sumatran tiger
A Sumatran Tiger relaxing on a tree stump

Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devils arrived at the Orana Wildlife Park in 2014, as part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. In recent years the wild population of Tasmanian Devils has been under threat due to disease.

tasmanian devil
The Tasmanian Devil enclosure

Whether you want to get up close and personal with the animals or prefer to watch from afar, the Orana Wildlife Park has something to offer everyone. There also a café and playground on site; so there’s everything you’d need for a great day out!