Alpine Horse Safaris

Known for its snow-capped mountains, pristine rivers, and rugged countryside, New Zealand’s South Island is truly spectacular. Horse trekking is the perfect way to explore all the natural beauty of the region. The relaxed, slow-paced nature of horse safaris allows trekkers to enjoy the harmony of the wilderness and truly experience the real high country.

 Canterbury horse trek

 Horse treks include stops at some of Canterbury’s most picturesque lakes (Photo credit: Alpine Horse Safaris).

Founded in 1993, Alpine Horse Safaris offers some of the best horse trekking near Christchurch. Here trekkers get the incredible opportunity to ride over high mountain passes, cross sparkling rivers and get up close to native plants, trees and bushes. There is no better way to spend a relaxing vacation with friends or loved ones. Horse trekking in Canterbury is also ideal for company social days, as it offers the unique chance for colleagues to bond with each other through fun team building activities.

The horse rides available at Alpine Horse Safaris range from 12 day long explorations to 2-hour rides. Each ride offers something new and exciting. The 12 day Tekapo Main Divide Expedition is New Zealand’s longest horse safari. This unique safari travels through some of the South Island’s most well-known high country stations and crosses some of the largest, most incredible rivers. This trip is very popular amongst the most adventurous horse riders who want a fun challenge. It’s really an experience like no other.

Expert guides from Alpine Horse Safaris

 Explore Canterbury with the expert guides for Alpine Horse Safaris (Photo credit: Alpine Horse Safaris).

At the end of each day, riders spend the night at a different accommodation. This is one of the greatest aspects of riding with Alpine Horse Safaris. There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire, eating delicious meals and drinking wine after a long day of adventure horse trekking. Riders can finish the night off by laying back and enjoying the dazzling gaze of the starry night sky. After a night of rest, the trekkers set off on their next destination early in the morning.

There are also day trips and half day rides available for horse riders who only have one day to spare. These shorter rides may be well suited to beginners who haven’t had much horse trekking experience. However, one day of horse trekking usually leaves you wanting more. Many tend to come to Alpine Horse Safaris for one day and end up staying for much longer. Horse trekking is a thrilling and addictive experience. Once you’ve tried it once, you will want to do it again.

Visitors wanting to travel to Alpine Horse Safaris from New Zealand’s garden city can hire a Christchurch rental car from the Airport, (down the road from the International Antarctic Centre) or from Omega’s city centre depot. The drive takes about an hour and a half via State Highway 1.