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NZ Rally Championship: Rally New Zealand and Omega Partnership

Omega Rental Cars is proud to be an official supporter of Rally New Zealand and The New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC).

The New Zealand Rally Championship is the premier nationwide rally championship, attracting the country's best drivers to compete in numerous motorsport categories. In 2024, there are 6 NZRC rounds, each showcasing the unique character of the various regions, from Northland to Otago. 

The Brian Green Property Group NZ Rally Championship will feature iconic Southland roads for the first time in two decades in the Southern Lights Rally, which will be held on June 22nd. This event starts in Invercargill and will take place before a nearly three-month break in the middle of the year. 

Whether you're holidaying in New Zealand or a fan of a Rally NZ team, we're pleased to offer you a 10% discount on rental rates to help you get behind the wheel yourself and show support for the next round of this superb New Zealand Rally Championship.

We have a range of cars to suit all your requirements, including economical Hybrid Toyota Aquas, Toyota Corollas, RAV4s, Highlanders, and 8-seater Toyota Previas. So, if you're hyped for car racing in NZ, pop your dates in the booking box and take advantage of the discount right now! (Please note that we only have passenger vehicles in our fleet. We do not have cargo vans or trucks for hire)


Round 1 | Rally of Otago (12-14th April 2024)

Kicking things off with a ceremonial start in The Octagon on Friday night, the daytime Otago Rally will be held over two days of competition with approximately 280 kilometres of special stages. 

The Otago Rally is based in the beautiful city of Dunedin, south New Zealand, and is the first round of the 2024 New Zealand Rally Championship. This component of the event features New Zealand's leading drivers competing in modern, state-of-the-art 4WD turbo rally cars, including the exciting AP4 and R5 rally cars. 

The event also incorporates the International Classic Otago Rally for pre-1982 2WD cars. This event has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 1997, to the point where it is the leading event of its type in the southern hemisphere.

Top Tip: Fly into Queenstown and collect a rental car from our Queenstown Airport depot, so you can enjoy seeing a bit more of our beautiful South Island as you head to the Otago Rally!

Link to the Otago Rally stage map:

Round 2 | South Canterbury Rally (11 May 2024)

The South Canterbury Rally will have drivers competing against the clock on the gravel public roads of the region, incorporating some of the most infamous stages from the years gone by. Spanning over 200km in a single day, this event will challenge the speed and endurance of every driver behind the wheel.

More information to come.

Top Tip: Pick up a car from our Christchurch Airport and head out for some spectacular sightseeing!

Round 3 | Southern Lights Rally Invercargill (22nd June 2024)

The Southern Lights Rally is a special motorsport event you don't want to miss out on. Using 150km of Southland roads, this year's rally revives what used to be one of the most challenging events on the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship calendar. 

The June date is anticipated to bring on some of the most challenging winter conditions for the rally race, as well as offer optimal viewing for the Aurora Australis (southern lights). On June 21st, there will be a ceremonial start and driver autograph session in the Invercargill CBD before the competition begins. 

The plan is to explore Pebbly Hills, Woodlaw, and numerous other classic country road stages featuring lengthy competitive tests. The final stage will be a Super Special, where the finishing ceremony will take place.

Top Tip: Fly into Queenstown and collect a rental car from our Queenstown Airport depot so you can enjoy seeing a bit more of our beautiful South Island as you head to the Southern Lights Rally!

Round 4 | Daybreaker Rally (14th September 2024)

Events in New Zealand's North Island will begin on September 14th, starting in the Manawatu region.

More information to come.

Top Tip: Fly into Auckland and collect a rental car from the Auckland Airport or City Depot - make a road trip out of it and see more of the beautiful North Island!

Round 5 | Rally Bay of Plenty (5th October 2024)

The Bay of Plenty Rally will return on October 5th for round 5, offering incredible car rally action on the region's gravel roads. Get excited and make the most of it, as this will be the 2nd to last round of the NZRC. 

More information to come. 

Top Tip: Fly into Auckland and collect a rental vehicle from the Auckland Airport or City depot so you can travel down to the Bay of Plenty and stop along the way at some classic tourist spots!

Round 6 | International Rally of Whangarei (8-10th November 2024)

The championship will finish with the International Rally of Whangarei, taking place on November 8-10.

More information to come.

Top Tip: Fly into Auckland and collect a rental car from our Auckland Airport depot, and get set to enjoy a fantastic weekend of international rally action.

2024 NZRC Calendar





12-14th April 2024

Rally of Otago


11th May 2024

South Canterbury Rally


22nd June 2024

Southern Lights Rally


14th September 2024

Daybreaker Rally


5th October 2024

Rally Bay of Plenty


8-10th November 2024

International Rally of Whangarei

Catch the action first-hand with Omega Rental Cars

If you're in New Zealand for a week on holiday, watching a NZ Rally Championship race is a great way to shake up your itinerary! By hiring a rental vehicle from one of Omega's 10 locations nationwide, you can get in on the car racing excitement anytime, anywhere – whether you want to stick to one spot or stage-hop and see all the top drivers. Which teams will be taking home the trophies? Keep checking this page for more news, and enjoy your 10% car rental discount!

All Images Credit: Geoff Ridder

Rally New Zealand logoHaydon Padden at Hawkes Bay Rally

Rally New Zealand action on gravel roads

A blue rally car in action in the Hawkes Bay Rally 2021

A rally car rounds a corner in South Canterbury Rally

Gravel road rally action in Whangarei

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