Queenstown Thrills with AJ Hackett Bungy

During your visit to the aptly named ‘Adventure Capital of the World,’ be sure to join the AJ Hackett team for one of the most exhilarating Queenstown activities. These guys offer both the original Queenstown bungy jumping experience, as well a range of new and extreme options, so if you’re an adrenaline lover, this is the place to visit.

AJ Hackett is credited with creating modern day bungy jumping, bringing it into the public eye in June 1987 with his famed leap from the Eiffel Tower. In November of 1988, AJ Hackett and Henry Van Asch opened the first commercial bungy jump in the world at Kawarau Bridge, and this is still one of the Bungy Destinations available today. Become part of bungy history and enjoy one of the most popular Queenstown attractions with a 43-metre jump from this historic bridge located just 25-minutes north of Queenstown.  Nestled within the Kawarau Gorge is also the Bungy centre where you can learn about bungy history, grab a drink and a bite to eat and watch the action from the observation platform. Jumpers are attached by their feet and can decide whether they want to remain above the water surface, to just touch it, or to receive a full dunking! Here you can also try a totally unique Queenstown bungy jumping experience, with a Tandem Bungy. So, whether you choose to share this adventure with a friend, to go it alone, or to watch from the side-lines, AJ Hackett’s Kawarau Bridge Bungy Centre has something for everyone.

 Ledge Bungy Queenstown

The AJ Hackett Ledge Bungy allows you to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Queenstown (Photo credit AJ Hackett Bungy)

The Ledge Bungy is located close to the city centre, at the top of the Skyline Gondola, from where you can appreciate an incredible view of Queenstown. Not only that, this site offers a fantastic range of jump options making it one of the most favoured activities in Queenstown for thrill-seekers.  The full body harness used here allows the jumper to experience a range of freestyle options for an unparalleled 47 metre jump – 400 metres above Queenstown! So you can twist, dive or flip your way down, or how about a handstand or the ‘Matrix’! This site also offers night jumping, an opportunity which is unique to bungy jumping in New Zealand, so if you are visiting in the winter this is definitely not to be missed.

For those who just can’t get enough thrills, the incredible Nevis Bungy offers a 134-metre jump which plummets you down into the deep gorge of the Nevis river. Situated a spectacular 45-minute drive from Queenstown this is the highest bungy jump in all of Australasia. The jump starts out from a platform suspended from a wire high above the gorge, and from there it is the 8 seconds of breath-taking free fall that makes this one of the things to do in Queenstown most sought after by those who love that adrenalin rush.

 Nevis Bungy Queenstown

Jump from a platform 134 meters above the valley floor with the AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy (Photo credit AJ Hackett Bungy)

While many thought bungy to be a passing fad AJ and Henry took it seriously, and it is thanks to their extensive research into the latex rubber cords that bungy has an excellent safety record. AJ Hackett Bungy NZ is responsible for developing a jump standard and code of practice accepted world-wide and has earned the ‘S’ mark for their exceptional safety standards.  Like all extreme sports, you need to dress appropriately and with shoes which are enclosed and that will not fall off on the way down.  On some of the jumps, spectacles cannot be worn, but there are prescription goggles available so you won’t miss a thing. There are age and weight restriction depending on the jump and the expert team are happy to answer any questions as they get you ready for a once in a lifetime experience. So go on, take the plunge!

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