Snow Chains

Snow chainsSnow chains may be required if you are heading to the mountain in the winter ski season.  Chains are supplied in pairs and can be fitted to your vehicle's tyres to provide maximum traction when driving through snow and ice. Please book in advance as the chains are specific to the size of the tyres on the particular vehicle you have booked.

Cost:  $25 for the full duration of your hire

Fitting your Snow Chains: The videos below show you how to fit snow chains to your vehicle. At Omega we use 2 types of chains and while you won't know which type you'll receive until you come to collect your car, taking a look at the videos below will give you a head start and they both include important tips it helps to know in advance!


Ski Racks

ski racksTransporting your skiing gear to the slopes can be a problem.  Fortunately, it is one which can easily be solved with the addition of our handy ski racks.  Racks can be fitted to the majority of our rental vehicles, but please do book in advance during the winter ski season.

Cost: $30 for the full duration of your hire