Free Car Seat Hire and More Services

Free – Pick up and Drop off

If you are arriving at the airport during office hours, a representative will collect you and bring you to the office to collect your hire car, and vice versa upon return.  Simply contact us on arrival at the airport. This service is also available if you are staying in local accommodation. However, some conditions may apply during peak hours, so please call us in advance to request our pick-up and drop-off service.

Free – Seats for Children

Under New Zealand law, children aged seven years and under must sit in an approved child restraint suitable for their age, size and stage of development. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that any child travelling in the vehicle is correctly using an appropriate child restraint. Babies, toddlers and children aged up to twelve can only travel in vehicles with approved child safety seats, preferably placed in the centre of the rear seat of the rental car.

Frequently asked questions about car seats

What age can a child be in a booster seat in NZ?

Preschoolers (four to seven years) must be secured in forward-facing child safety seats. Children aged seven to twelve sit in booster seats until they can safely fit in a vehicle seat and seat belt.

Can my one-year-old sit in a front-facing car seat?

The New Zealand Transport Agency recommends keeping newborn babies and infants in a rear-facing child restraint until they are at least two years old. 

What car seat do you use for a two-year-old?

Children must be secured in a suitable rear-facing or forward-facing child restraint in the rental car. Toddlers (six months to four years) sit in rear-facing seats until they reach the maximum weight and/or height, according to the child restraint manufacturer.  

When can a toddler face forward?

We recommend you wait until toddlers are at least two years of age before switching to a forward-facing child restraint.

When can kids move to an adult safety belt in NZ?

For optimal protection, use a booster seat in your vehicle until the child reaches twelve years of age and a height of 148cm. 

For further information about travelling with child safety seats in your rental vehicle, visit For your convenience, Omega Rental Cars offers free car seat hire. Select forward-facing car seats (12 months+) and booster seats (4 years - 10 years) at no charge. Select the child seat hire option when booking.

Free – Extra Drivers

To assist with driving we will allow as many additional drivers as you desire free of charge.

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Free – New Zealand Touring Maps

Maps are readily available from our offices, free of charge, for all regions and also maps of both North & South Island.