Sunrise Hot Air Ballooning in Queenstown

Located in New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is renowned for its picturesque landscape; surrounded by crystal clear waters and a mountainous border. What better way to take in Queenstown’s views than by floating 6,000ft above! Sunrise Balloons have been operating Hot Air Balloon flights in Queenstown for over 15 years, and provide the opportunity for visitors and locals to see panoramic views of Queenstown as the sun rises.

 Sunrise balloon flying

A Sunrise Balloon flying as the sun comes up over Queenstown

Family owned and operated, Sunrise Balloons take their guests up in their Hot Air Balloons at dawn, when the air is crisp and calm, allowing for a smooth flight. To make the early morning start a bit easier for those who aren’t early risers, transport is provided to and from accommodation to the launch site; which is a short 15 minute drive away. Once on site, passengers have the opportunity to help staff to inflate the Hot Air Balloon that will soon be transporting them up into the skies. There are three Hot Air Balloons that take guests up; the Lindstrand 260A, Lindstrand 240A and the Kavanagh E-160.

Flight time is approximately one hour, during which time the Hot Air Balloons reach heights of up to 6,000ft. As passengers drift peacefully over Queenstown, views include Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Mount Aspiring, Lake Wakatipu and even some of the world famous Lord Of The Rings filming locations! After the Hot Air Balloon descends, passengers are treated to a champagne breakfast of tea, coffee, juice, danishes, muffins, fruit, and of course champagne.

 Balloon over Queenstown

Sunrise Balloon high above Queenstown

The Hot Air Balloon flights operate every day, but are weather dependent as high winds do not make for a pleasant or peaceful journey. It’s a good idea to book near to the beginning of your trip to allow time to rebook if the weather isn’t suitable. Keeping in mind that this is an outdoor activity, guests should dress appropriately for the season and wear sturdy footwear. A camera with plenty of memory is recommended to ensure that plenty of photos of this spectacular experience can be captured! Sunrise Balloons do also take in-flight photos just in case.

All up the trip takes between 3 and 4 hours, which thanks to the early start leaves guests with plenty of time left to enjoy some of Queenstown’s many other attractions! Sunrise Balloons are well worth a visit if you’re in Queenstown and want to start off your day like no other. Check out what their happy customers say about Sunrise Balloons.