Queenstown Adventure Activities

There’s no doubt about it: Queenstown has been New Zealand’s heart of adventure since way back. Settlers may have gotten their thrills from gold mining back in the day, but fast-forward to the 21st century, and Queenstown’s cutting-edge menu of adventure pursuits draws millions of high-energy visitors each year. With many tour operators offering adventure packages which allow you to sample more activities for less cash, too, there are no excuses for being bored while you’re in Queenstown.

 Hydro Attack in action on Lake Wakatipu

Photo by: Oren Rozen on Wikimedia Commons

Starting with the slower-paced activities, you might contemplate paddling your way around Lake Wakatipu. Take a day-long guided tour around the lake or simply hire out kayaks yourselves, and enjoy the many natural beauties that mark Queenstown’s deep blue lake. Bump up the intensity from there with a ride on the Queenstown Hydro Attack, Lake Wakatipu’s craziest new toy. The Hydro Attack – in essence, a shark machine that can plunge beneath the water - will surely be the most memorable jet ride you’ve been on.

Jetboat in the shotover river with a big spray of water

Photo by: Pxhere

Speaking of jet boats, you can’t book an adventure getaway to Queenstown without taking advantage of its world-famous aquatic activities. The renowned KJet, for example, achieves speeds surpassing 85 kilometres per hour (and in water as shallow as 10 centimetres deep, no less). The Dart River Wilderness Jet is another renowned option and will take you through beautiful streams and glacier-ridden waters. And of course, we can’t forget the Shotover Jet, commonly referred to as the world’s most exciting jetboat ride. A must-do for adrenaline junkies, you may want to bring your water poncho along for this one!

If you’ve always wanted to go whizzing through a forest canopy for hours at a time, make sure to book in with Ziptrek Ecotours. If, on the other hand, rolling down a hill in a contraption until you reach lift-off sounds like good fun to you, then hang gliding with Queenstown’s many esteemed hang-gliding operators is a must-do.

Person leaping off in a bungy jump in Queenstown

Photo by: Che010 on Wikimedia Commons

You’ve probably heard that Queenstown isn’t the place for those afraid of heights. The 134-metre Nevis Bungy holds the title as New Zealand’s highest bungy-jump, and the original 43 metre Kawarau Bridge jump (fondly known as the “dunk-your-head” jump) is sure to get your adrenaline pumping as well. Or perhaps dropping from a plane sounds more like your bag – in which case, skydiving’s the adventure activity for you. With a choice of dropping from either 9000, 12000, or 15000 feet, Queenstown will allow you to experience life falling at 200 kilometres per hour. Finally, for a different kind of drop, try canyon swinging over the Shotover Canyon, on the steepest cliff jump you’ll find the world over.

Hiring a rental car is a convenient way to travel between attractions. Rental cars are available for pick up from Omega’s Queenstown Airport Depot and Queenstown Town Depot