Taking a Leap with Taupo Bungy

Looking for great Taupo activities? If you’re planning a trip around New Zealand, you should stop by Taupo Bungy and give bungy jumping a try. Considered by many Kiwis to be one of our national sports, this adrenalin-filled activity has been attracting thrill-seekers for decades.

We’re not sure whether it’s the freefall, the adrenalin rush, the sense of accomplishment or all three, but there’s something about bungy jumping that keeps people coming back for more. You’re bound to know someone who has done it and can’t stop raving about the experience, why not have a turn to find out what all the fuss is about. 

Taupo Bungy

The highest water touch bungy in New Zealand  (Photo credit Taupo Bungy)

Taupo Bungy is the highest water touch bungy in New Zealand, which means jumpers have the option to submerge themselves in the Waikato River. True adrenalin junkies will probably opt for the complete submersion, but for those feeling cautious, the team at Taupo Bungy can tailor the jump to dunk as little as the fingertips. The classic bungy on the other hand involves no water whatsoever, so jumpers can simply enjoy the thrill of taking the leap without worrying about dealing with the cold river below. 

Visitors can also choose to bungy with a friend if they’re feeling particularly nervous or just want to share the experience. The bungy masters always fully talk through how the tandem bungy works so everybody knows exactly what to do when the moment to jump comes. 

For those who’ve already bungy jumped or are keen to try something different, there are plenty of other fun activities in Taupo. Taupo Bungy also operate the Taupo Cliffhanger, an exhilarating giant swing that reaches up to speeds of approximately 70kph! Once the swing slows to a leisurely pace, you can catch your breath and admire beautiful views of the Waikato Valley. Like the bungy, visitors can choose to swing alone or share this experience with a friend. 

After 23 years in operation, jumpers can rest assured that the team at Taupo Bungy have everything sorted. The seasoned bungy masters have been doing this for years and have an impeccable safety record, so visitors are in perfectly safe hands. In fact, jumpers will be the next of approximately 350,000 people to bungy in Taupo. 

Taupo Cliffhanger swing

 Reach up to 70kph on the Taupo Cliffhanger swing  (Photo credit Taupo Bungy) 

Finally, there are just a few house rules: the age limit for bungy jumping in Taupo is ten years old, and jumpers must weigh at least 45kg. It’s also important that visitors let the bungy team know if they have any medical conditions, as this may affect eligibility. 

The team at Taupo Bungy understand that jumping isn’t for everyone, but visitors can still get in some of the action even if they don’t jump. The spectator viewing platform is the perfect spot to take some epic photos of friends and family as they take the leap. 

Located in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island, Taupo is a beautiful lakeside town surrounded by snow-capped mountains. A scenic 3 hour drive from Auckland, it’s the perfect setting for a first bungy jump. Simply hire a rental car from Auckland and travel along State Highway 1 until you get to this world-renowned town. Upon arrival, either head to Taupo Bungy directly or make the most of their complimentary pick-up from several spots in central Taupo. 

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