Skydive Auckland

Ready to experience one of the most exciting things to do in Auckland? Then prepare yourself to leap from a plane and plummet towards the earth at a breathtaking 200+km/hour. Enjoy New Zealand skydiving at its best with the professionals at Skydive Auckland where you can experience the highest tandem jump in the North Island, learn how to skydive solo, or participate in Sport skydive activities.

 Skydive Auckland

Embark on an unforgettable Auckland Skydiving experience with the team from Skydive Auckland (Photo credit: Skydive Auckland)

Just a 45-minute drive away from the city of Auckland, in the town of Parakai, the expert team at Skydive Auckland is ready to give you an incredible sensation that you will never forget. For first-time divers, a tandem jump is a safe and enjoyable way to experience the unique sensation of freefall, and with the North Island’s highest tandem jump, and over 20-years of skydiving experience, Skydive Auckland offers some of the top Auckland activities and attractions.

After receiving a brief orientation and safety video, and getting kitted out with all the necessary gear, you will board the modern, large 17-seat plane which will take you up to your chosen jumping height. The scenic flight lasts 15-20-minutes and offers some incredible views of the coastlines, the lush rainforests and the enigmatic city of Auckland. Then it is time to experience some of the best skydiving in New Zealand.

If you choose to jump from 9,000-feet you will get 30-seconds of freefall, from 13,000-feet it is an exhilarating 45-seconds, and from 16,500-feet you will enjoy a breathtaking 75-seconds of liberating freefall. Don’t worry; you will be strapped securely beneath a fully trained and highly experienced Auckland skydiving instructor who will take care of all the technicalities so that you can just relax and enjoy the incredibly peaceful and unique feeling that only freefalling gives. When the parachute opens at 6,000ft, you will enjoy a further 5-8 minutes of gentle flying before returning to earth.

 Views from Skydive Auckland

Enjoy spectacular views from over 9000ft on your Auckland Skydive (Photo credit: Skydive Auckland)

You will be sure to want to relive the experience time and time again, and to make your friends green with envy, so to take advantage of the video and still photo offers. An edited video on a USB stick will be given to you just 20-minutes after the end of your flight, and it documents your whole experience, from the preparation, the scenic flight, the moment of truth! Your face during freefall, and the incredible views as you glide gently beneath your parachute back for a perfect landing on solid ground.

Skydiving in New Zealand is an activity that almost anyone can enjoy, with the only requirement being that you weigh in at under 100kg. Remember to wear secure and comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. All specialised equipment is provided including goggles which fit over your glasses and protect your contact lenses, so you will not miss those spectacular views.

Tandem diving can be enjoyed by people of all ages making it one of the top Auckland attractions. Even small children can enjoy the experience as long as they fit into the harness correctly, and friends and family who do not wish to jump can view the whole spectacle from the ground viewing area.

 tandem skydive Auckland

A tandem jump is an unmissable Auckland activity for people of all ages (Photo credit: Skydive Auckland)

Once you have been bitten by the bug, you might want to check out the Accelerated Free Fall Program which Skydive Auckland offers. An intense course which when completed, and after just eight progressively more complex jumps will enable you to go solo. Skydiving is becoming one of the most popular New Zealand activities, and once you are qualified, you can experience the greatest thrill of jumping alone whenever and wherever you want to.

For visitors flying into New Zealand’s busiest city, collect an Auckland Airport hire car so you can get the most from your New Zealand explorations. To get to Parakai from Auckland Central, simply take State Highway 16 North for 45 min.