Skydive Bay of Islands

If you’re looking for one of the ultimate New Zealand skydiving experiences, look no further than Skydive Bay of Islands, located between Kerikeri and Paihia. They offer an unforgettable experience with spectacular views, an impeccable safety record, and one of the highest jump altitudes in the North Island. So take the plunge and enjoy one of the most breath-taking (literally) things to do in Northland.

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As the plane climbs up to the jumping height jumpers will enjoy some truly amazing views of the 144 islands which make up the Bay of Islands. The scenery alone makes this one of the best ways to experience skydiving in New Zealand, and as the plane increases altitude to reach a height of over 16,000-feet, you’ll be able to appreciate the curve of the earth.

And then it's time to jump! Don't worry you're not going alone. You will be firmly attached in a tandem flight with an experienced Northland skydiving master with many jumps under his belt, and who will ensure that you enjoy the experience to the full.

 Skydive Bay of Islands

Experience some of New Zealand’s best skydiving with Skydive Bay of Islands (Photo credit: Skydive Bay of Islands)

There are so many incredible New Zealand activities available that it can be hard to choose, but Skydive Bay of Islands offers an experience that is hard to beat. There are three different heights you can choose to jump from. The 9,000-feet jump gives you a thrilling 20-seconds of freefall, while from 12,000-feet you will experience 45-seconds of freefalling adrenaline rush. From 16,500-feet it’s over a minute of exhilarating freefall at speeds of over 120-MPH, earning this experience a spot as one of the most unforgettable and thrilling Northland activities and attractions.

You can remember and re-live skydiving in New Zealand by choosing one of the two photo/video options available. You can either have 150-250 photos shot with a Handycam, or video footage of the whole incredible experience. Obviously, the higher you jump from the more photos can be shot and the longer your video. After landing you will be given free of charge a 2GB USB flash drive containing your chosen images, all ready to be uploaded to Facebook or sent to envious friends.

 Northland skydiving

Enjoy an incredible view of the Bay of Islands on this thrilling Northland activity (Photo credit: Skydive Bay of Islands)

It can get pretty nippy up so high, and descending at such a speed, so remember to wear warm clothing that allows you free movement. A jumpsuit is provided, and closed toed footwear that will not fall off is essential for a safe landing.  Thanks to the tandem master's expertise, touchdowns are usually gentle, controlled, and you will land on your feet, and the top class equipment employing the most recent parachute technology, ensures a really safe experience. Lastly, if you wear contact lenses or glasses let your instructor know so that he can kit you out with the appropriate goggles.

Skydive Bay of Islands offer flights from sunrise to sunset every day except Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day. The early morning flights are the most popular so it’s advisable to make reservations although walk-ins will be accommodated if possible. Skydiving can only be enjoyed during good weather so for safety and an enjoyable experience flights may need to be rescheduled if there is too much wind, cloud or rain. Try to have a flexible schedule so that you won't miss out on the opportunity to participate in one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable of the Bay of Islands attractions.

For visitors into Auckland who want to make their way to the Bay of Islands, pick up your Auckland hire car from one of Omega’s two local branches, and enjoy a scenic trip up State Highways 1 and 10.

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Keytag Bonus:

Receive a $20 discount off a Camera Package when you purchase one of our Platinum Deals, upon presentation of your Omega keytag!

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