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Historic Arrowtown

28 July 2016

What a pretty place to drive to from Queenstown!  A former goldmining town, it is rich in history and atmosphere... We hadn't been there for about 20 years, so were delighted to discover that while it was a little busier than we remembered, it still had all of its charm...

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Queenstown Wine Trail

25 July 2016

We have all heard stories from fellow travellers about the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand. We have seen the stunning images, watched movies with the area’s majestic landscape as a backdrop. One of the most unforgettable things to do in Queenstown, is to indulge in a guided wine tour of...

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Soaring with Queenstown Paraflights

5 July 2016

If you want to experience one of the most exciting things to do in Queenstown New Zealand, be sure to check out Queenstown Paraflights for a really memorable adventure. They will take you on an unforgettable flight which offers a truly unique way to appreciate the outstanding natural beauty of...

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Stunning Mt Cook - a customer's experience

22 June 2016

My husband and I are from Canada living in Christchurch for the next few years and enjoy going on new adventures almost every weekend to explore New Zealand. We have used Omega any time we have a vehicle situation.

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Queenstown Skydiving with NZONE

20 June 2016

While visiting the South Island why not take the plunge and enjoy some of the best New Zealand skydiving. New Zealand's first tandem skydiving company ‘NZONE Skydive’ offers a range of exciting  options for new-comers, and some exciting jumping prospects for those who have already been bitten by the bug.

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Visiting Porters Ski Area

10 June 2016

If you are visiting Canterbury during the winter months, be sure to enjoy some of the best skiing in New Zealand. Porters Ski Area offers great value skiing for all the family with special group rates and runs to suit all abilities.

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White Water Thrills with Rotorua’s Raftabout

7 June 2016

No visit to New Zealand's North Island would be complete without experiencing the unique thrill of white water rafting in Rotorua. For some of the best white water trips, check out the trips provided by the family-run rafting operator Raftabout.

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Experiencing River Valley Lodge

31 May 2016

New Zealand's beautiful North Island offers many different activities and exciting adventure opportunities. With unforgettably impressive natural scenery, diverse native wildlife and friendly welcoming people the area is a fantastic place to visit. At one of New Zealand's original adventure lodges, River Valley, you can enjoy a variety of the...

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A South Island Skiing Adventure with Methven Heliskiiing

27 May 2016

So you have heard about how great the skiing in New Zealand is? If you’re heading to the South Island for winter, then let us tell you about one of the best things to do in the South Island.

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An Alpine Trekking Adventure with NZ Snowshoe

24 May 2016

There are many exciting things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand all year round, and during the wintertime, the surrounding area turns into a snow-covered playground.  While rightly globally renowned for its great snowboarding and skiing, Queenstown also boasts a huge variety of other amazing winter activities.

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