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Welcome to our friends from the UK!

union jack flag small5We are delighted that you are planning to visit us here in New Zealand and would love to be your rental car company of choice.

Whether you are a Kiwi returning, a Brit visiting long lost relatives in the Antipodes or a traveller looking for a clean, green and gorgeous holiday destination, we're here to help!

By the miracle that is the internet you have found our website on the other side of the world and we think that is so fantastic that we are offering you an instant 5% discount if you book now.  Pop your planned travel dates into the booking box above and as you'll see we've given you a special promo code to use to reward you just for being British (or Kiwi-British) or whatever ethnicity you claim!

If you're not ready to book just yet you'll see the option as you go through the booking process to email yourself a quote.  You can exit at any time, you'll only be committed once you've actually given us your credit card information.  You may also like to make a note of the promo code 'brits' so you can be sure to use it if you return to book later.

New Zealand is a great place for Brits to visit, for now at least we even have the Union Jack on our flag and share your Queen, so don't hesitate - get your travel sorted and head on downunder!

New Zealand - the home of vegemite, vogels and jandals (and just one or two beautiful beaches) - looks forward to welcoming you...

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