Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox

Canyon Swing in Queenstown has rightly become a world-famous attraction. This intense, adrenaline-pumping activity will have you swinging into the iconic Queenstown Canyon at incredible speeds. Home to the highest cliff jumps in the world, the Shotover Canyon Swing is an experience that is guaranteed to get your heart racing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! With the recent addition of Shotover Canyon Fox, you can now opt to do an exhilarating zipline across the Canyon, which happens to be New Zealand’s highest flying fox.

 Shotover Canyon Swing

            Thumbs up from all three people before a crazily epic leap into the canyon -
Image Credit: Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox Website


Canyon Swing

The Shotover Canyon Swing is achieved by launching yourself from a 109 m high platform over the Shotover River. As you free-fall a 60m vertical distance down a steep, rocky cliff face, you are catapulted into an intense 200m swing across the river. There are multiple great jump styles you can choose from – each one is unique and offering its own kind of thrill.

 Canyon Swing Queenstown

Two thrilled jumpers show off their Backwards Jump Style -
Image Credit: Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox Website


If you’re too afraid to do the Shotover swing on your own, you can share the fear with someone else on a tandem swing. This can really add to the fun of the experience, because you can feed off each other’s energy (and see who screams louder!). The friendly and professional staff at Canyon Swing will put you at ease and guide you at your own relaxed pace, so you won’t have to worry about being rushed. Whether you feel confident or nervous about the swing, your jumpmasters will ensure you have the greatest, most fun experience possible. The spectacular surrounding scenery will have you in awe as you prepare yourself for the thrill of your life.

The Canyon Swing Queenstown trip takes a total of 2.5 hours. Prices are per person, whether you go solo or tandem. Transport is included, so you must check in 15 minutes before your journey starting time. Don’t forget to wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions! During freezing winter days, especially in the mornings, remember to wear layers to keep yourself warm. The dirt tracks can also get quite muddy in the colder months, so gear up with some reliable closed-toe shoes and you’ll be good to go.


Canyon Fox

The Shotover Canyon Fox attraction is one of the most thrilling Queenstown activities you can ever experience! This epic zipline provides the ultimate adrenaline rush for the most daring thrill seekers. The 182m-high flying fox contraption extends directly over the stunning Shotover Canyon. To add to the madness, a rail system – the first of its kind in the world – has also been created for those brave enough to launch themselves off. You can brave the Canyon Fox on its own or combine it with the canyon swing.

 Canyon Fox Queenstown

A jumper displays the most terrifying way to approach the Canyon Fox: “Giant Strides.” -
Image Credit: Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox Website

As with the Canyon Swing, a collection of hilariously-titled jump styles have been created to appeal to both the most major daredevils and those seeking a slightly more relaxed ride. No matter what jump style you choose, the fully-trained flying fox masters will give you the encouragement or the push you need to cut loose and drop. There are also some great photo and video options available which will allow you to relive the experience and show it off to your friends and family.

The Canyon Fox trip includes return transfers from the town centre. The meeting point for the trip is conveniently located at the Canyon Fox Shop on the main street of town. You should allow approximately 2 hours to return. Keep in mind that weight restrictions apply for the Canyon Fox ride, with the minimum weight 35kgs and maximum weight 125kgs. The minimum age is 10 years old.

When you book a vehicle with Omega Rental Cars Queenstown – just a minute down the street to the Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox HQ – you’ll have the freedom to explore more exciting attractions like the Queenstown Ice Arena and Challenge Rafting. So, are you ready for the adrenaline flood of a lifetime? Trips operate daily, so book your visit to the Shotover Canyon Fox and Canyon Swing today for your next Queenstown adventure!