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$1/day Christchurch to Queenstown

We need cars in Queenstown!

So for a limited time, for only $1 per day, you can rent a car one way from Christchurch to Queenstown, taking a maximum of 3 days to enjoy the road trip.. 

Enter your preferred dates and Christchurch Airport or City as your pick up location, with Queenstown Airport or City as your drop off location and the $1/day relocation special will pop up.

The car you will receive is at our discretion, based entirely on what we need moved that day.  It's a great way to get to Queenstown for less. 

$1/day Christchurch to Auckland

Just $1 per day - Max 3 days - Incl Ferry Ticket for the Car

For a limited time, we will need cars moved from Christchurch to Auckland.  The actual vehicle you will receive will be at our discretion, whatever we need moved on that day, but if you're willing to play lucky dip - you can rent a car for just $1 per day for upto 3 days.

Omega will cover the cost of the Interislander ferry ticket for the car, and you must book tickets for the driver and any passengers via our website, at the time of placing the booking.  Note that we will not charge your credit card for these tickets until we confirm that we have a car available for you.

Enter your desired pick up and drop off dates and locations in the booking box, and if there's a chance we've got cars that need moving the $1/day special will pop up.  Put through an 'on request' booking and we'll come back to you promptly to confirm availability.

In the comments section of the booking, please enter your preferred cross over date for the ferry tickets.

At this stage this offer is available for bookings until early December 2015, but will be taken off the website once all the cars are moved.

Queenstown to Christchurch

$1/day relocation special - Queenstown to Christchurch

We'd like to move some cars from our Queenstown to Christchurch branches, and if that's the way you're heading you can do so for only $1/day!

Enter Queenstown as your pick up location, Christchurch as your drop off and the $1/day option will pop up.  Vehicle category will be at our discretion, and only available until all cars are moved.

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