Rental Car Relocation NZ

$1/day Christchurch to Queenstown

We need cars in Queenstown!

So between now and 20th June 2015, for only $1 per day, you can rent a car one way from Christchurch to Queenstown, taking a maximum of 3 days to enjoy the road trip.. 

Enter your preferred dates and Christchurch Airport or City as your pick up location, with Queenstown Airport or City as your drop off location and the $1/day relocation special will pop up.

The car you will receive is at our discretion, based entirely on what we need moved that day.  It's a great way to get to Queenstown for less. 

Christchurch to Picton

Only $1/day - max 3 days!  

We need to move some cars North, so take advantage of this great deal. 

The vehicle you receive will be at our discretion - whatever we need moved on that day. 

Book online - simply enter Christchurch as your pick up location and Picton as your drop off and if we have cars available for relocation the $1/day vehicle option will pop up. 


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