Feedback follow up

From: Brian Hawkins <>
Sent: Thursday, 14 May 2015 9:50 a.m.
To: Rose ONeil


Ms Rose O Neill

Branch Manager

Omega Rental Cars



Thank you for meeting with me on Tuesday.


Mr Ali’s specific complaints together with our findings are as follows:-


1)      That the battery was not secured properly – Omega’s mechanic, Mr Mannu, advised that he could not recall whether the battery was tightly secured when Mr Ali returned the vehicle midway through the hire. However it is not unreasonable to assume that the battery was sufficiently secured given that:-


                -  The vehicle had had an under bonnet check when undergoing a Certificate of Fitness check  at VTNZ 3 days before the vehicle was hired to

                    Mr Ali.

               -   Mr Ali discussed securing of the battery to the AA Roadside Assistance serviceman when he attended to the vehicle in Wanaka.


The question of whether the battery was firmly secured became irrelevant following the fitting of a new battery by Mr Mannu.


2)      The Battery Terminal and connection was not covered – The question of whether the Positive Terminal on a battery being exposed presents a safety issue has been canvassed with NZTA’s Vehicle Standards staff who advise that safety is in no way compromised. It is not mandatory to have the terminal covered and in fact many cars do not have a cover.


3)      Attitude of Omega’s staff – Mr Ali’s comment that the Manager (Ms O Neill) had ignored the safety standard of the vehicle hired to Mr Ali and that she had no regard for customer safety cannot be substantiated, particularly when it is clear that Ms O Neill had the vehicle checked over by Mr Mannu and also had the battery replaced. It should also be noted that the vehicle had obtained a Certificate of Fitness 3 days before Mr Ali’s hire and Ms O Neill was of course aware of this but still had the vehicle checked over by Omega’s Mechanic.


While no independent evidence exists to support Mr Ali’s complaint regarding staff attitude it is important to note that on visiting Omega’s premises he shook her hand and apologised for rudeness and using foul language.


Mr Ali will be formally advised in writing  of NZTA’s findings. However I would be grateful if you could advise me if Mr Ali makes any further postings on Social Media regarding anything relating to  hiring the car from your company in April.



B.K.S Hawkins

Transport Officer